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Chelsea’s Favorite Creaseless No Bend Hair Clips
1 review
$ 14.00

Designed to ease everyday styling, whether it’s setting your hair, or during makeup application, these powerful yet lightweight clips (6) will prevent pesky bends & creases hair accessories leave behind.

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4 reviews
$ 26.00

This creamy whipped conditioner contains nano-encapsulated Ceramides and Vitamin E that provide intense moisture for dry and damaged hair. 7.8 oz

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Color & Lift Replacement Brush
2 reviews
$ 14.00
Replace or refresh your Color & Lift applicator brush.
Save $ 23.00
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Healthy Hair Bundle
Regular price $ 72.00 Sale price $ 49.00

Repair your hair three ways in the shower and in front of the mirror. 

Save $ 14.00
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Repair & Volumize Bundle
Regular price $ 57.00 Sale price $ 43.00

The perfect pair to defeat damage without giving up heat styling!

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Coral Velvet Plush Hair Towel
$ 14.00
Coral Velvet Plush Hair Towel is ultra soft and super absorbent. This twist up towel is specifically designed for hair. It's great for just out of the shower use or while applying a hair mask.