1. What if I’m in-between shades in your Color & Lift product?

If you are in-between shades, we recommend that you purchase the two shades and create your own personalized shade for yourself!

2. Has the Raise the Roots product been discontinued? If so, what is a good replacement?

Yes, unfortunately the Raise the Roots product has been discontinued. A great replacement product would be our Volcanic Volume Styling Paste which also helps create volume at the root.

3. What if I can’t find a TRUHAIR product on this website and it hasn’t been discontinued, where could I purchase it?

If you can’t find your favorite TRUHAIR product on our site, there’s a good chance that it can be found either on the HSN site or Amazon.

4. Does TRUHAIR sell hair growth pills?

TRUHAIR does NOT sell hair growth pills. There is another company called HairTru that now sells these so any product questions about the pills will need to go to them.

5. Do you still sell the Tease Ease combs?

Unfortunately, we no longer sell the Tease Ease combs.

6. What if I’m not sure what shade to purchase in either the Color & Lift or Revive & Style products?

Most of our shades (especially the different browns) are very forgiving in both the Color & Lift as well as the Revive & Style products meaning that you can purchase the one that you think is closest to your hair color and even if it isn’t perfect, it should still work nicely.

7. How do I go about cancelling my TRUHAIR autoship?

Any autoship or subscription services go through HSN. You will have to contact the HSN customer service team in order to get that canceled.

8. Should Volcanic Volume be put on wet or dry hair?

Volcanic Volume works best if put directly on the roots of dry hair.

9. How does the refill work for the Color & Lift Brush?

The top brush applicator unscrews and comes off of the powder section of the Color & Lift Brush. You would then be able to screw on a new refill powder to the existing brush.

10. How can I get the Color & Lift Jumbo Size 0.45 oz Brush?

You can purchase the jumbo size of our Color & Lift Brush through the HSN website. Also, always be on the lookout for our special shows on HSN featuring this product!