Color & Lift Control Brush
$ 10.00

Paired with our Color & Lift with Thickening Fibers formulation, you can use this brush to decide how much you want to use and where you want to apply.

Ultimate Teasing Comb
$ 14.00

Add volume and lift with our Ultimate Teasing Comb with dual-layering teeth, wider on the outside and finer on the inside, that have alternating lengths to make backcombing quick and easy. Expertly designed to provide grip and control, allowing you to choose where you want lift. Use the tapered tail to section and group hair.

Chelsea’s Favorite Hair Scrunchies
$ 12.00

Chelsea’s Favorite Scrunchies are the classic hair accessory that will always be in style. Designed to tie back hair without the damage while adding a stylish accessory to your look. 

Chelsea’s Favorite Creaseless No Bend Hair Clips
$ 14.00

Designed to ease everyday styling, whether it’s setting your hair, or during makeup application, these powerful yet lightweight clips (6) will prevent pesky bends & creases hair accessories leave behind.

Color & Lift Replacement Brush
$ 14.00
Replace or refresh your Color & Lift applicator brush.
Perfect Brow 5-Stencil Kit (pair with Color & Conceal)
$ 14.00

Get the perfect brow look with our easy-to-use and natural looking stencil kit. Choose the brow shape that fits your style from the five stencils that are included, then use Color & Conceal to stamp on perfect looking brows in minutes.

Sold Out
Micro-Stimulating Scalp Massager
$ 14.00
Deep cleanse your scalp with our 130 soft micro-massage points that exfoliate dead skin & product build up to promote healthy hair & scalp.