Lilac hair? Silver hair? Guess what—you don’t have to choose!

A ton of you were thrilled when we gave you the scoop in our December “Don’t Miss This” post about how crazy-hot the silver/gray hair trend was getting. Well, it’s still on fire and we’ve got an update, which involves a new double-color twist that all the beauty trendsetters are trotting out: They’re going lilac first, and then letting it fade to silver, which your hair will do on its own if you use semi-permanent dye. Kinda perfect way to get ready for spring, right?

Photo courtesy of @thesilverstylist on Instagram and

So how do you get two trendy looks in one?!

To add vibrant color, your natural hair should be lighter than the color you’re adding. Ideally you should pre-lighten your hair to a white-blonde platinum shade. That will create a great palette to lay any color on.

Lilac hair falls into the trendy pastel color family, which tends to be semi-permanent dye. This means you only have to make a minimal color commitment because it will fade in around two to four weeks. We like creating the lilac hue by slowly mixing purple dye color with conditioner so that it dilutes into a lighter purple shade. As the semi-permanent color fades it will turn a lighter platinum/silver tone. Et voila—you went from awesome lilac to awesome silver!

Now, if you’re not sure you’re ready to embrace the going-gray-on-purpose lifestyle try playing around with some TRUHAIR Color & Lift powder in gray. Adding this color powder in streaks through your hair or at the ends will give you a good clue as to whether this color is for you! The look is completely temporary and will wash right out whenever you’re ready to wish it farewell. If you know you’re already in love with the lilac-to-gray look, definitely talk to your colorist about whether it will work for you and what you might have to do to prep for the change. Once you’ve done the deed, make sure to solidify that color with our Revive & Style Instant & Temporary Color Mousse in the silver shade. The mousse will enhance the color, making it richer and shinier.

Then all that’s left is for you to embrace your inner Kim Kardashian (or Cara Delevingne) and be a silver star!