Color & Conceal with 5pc Brow Stencil Set

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Get the perfect brow look with our easy-to-use and natural looking stencil kit.

Choose the brow shape that fits your style from the five stencils that are included, then use Color & Conceal to stamp on perfect looking brows in minutes.

No learning curve here, simply dab and swipe on thicker-fuller brows that look natural and defined.

Get the perfect brow look with our easy-to-use and natural-looking stencil kit. 

  1. Choose your brow style using one of the five stencils included in the kit. There is no right or wrong, only what you feels fits you!
  2. Start by removing the cap to Color & Conceal and tapping the sponge inside the cap to transfer the color.
  3. Using the stencil, align the tail of the stencil to the tail end of your brow or where you want your tail to be. Place fingers on end of the stencil to hold it flat against your brow.
  4. Starting at the tail end of your brow, take the sponge applicator and pat lightly to transfer color, working your way towards the large end of your brow. If more color is needed, swipe sponge across your brow. Repeat until desired darkness is achieved. Use the included brow brush to comb through brows. This will distribute product and create a more natural finish.
  5. Clean stencil with wipe or paper towel. Flip over the stencil, mimic the angle and spacing and complete your second brow.

Now, show off your thick and full looking brows to the world with confidence the waterproof formula will stay put.

  • Fuller, thicker brows
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Natural looking
  • Easy-to-use