Raise the Roots 2.0

Sick Of Dealing With Flat Hair?

Take Your Hair To New Heights!

Raise the Roots 2.0Raise the Roots 2.0

Raise the Roots 2.0

Raise the Roots 2.0 uses Silk-spun fiber technology to take your hair to new heights. Our lightweight formula with keratin-argania complex adds unbelievable thickness and helps strengthen your hair.

Our proprietary formulation contains silk fibers that adhere to each hair follicle creating a web of fibers that support lift off of the scalp and literally raise your roots for extreme volume. Our formula contains hydrolyzed silk the strongest known fiber on earth that both supports the lift and strengthens your hair.

Plumps Hair for Dramatic Body
Conditions and Helps Restore Damaged Hair
Enhances Luster
Formulated for All Hair Types
Never Sticky or Tacky
Melts into Hair

      Raise the Roots 2.0

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