#3 So Fresh, So Clean Kit

It's almost 2020 and it's time for your scalp to get it right, get tight. We've all accepted the "shampoo once a week" mantra, but with that comes product build up on our scalps, like our main culprit (and friend) dry shampoo. Meet your new quick fix, scalp shampoo + shampoo brush.

  1. FROTHY Moisturizing Micro-Bubble Shampoo uses capsule technology to gently exfoliate the buildup from your hair and then deliver nourishing ingredients back to your scalp leaving the optimal conditions for your head to grow thicker, fuller, shinier hair. (originally $26)
  2. WHIPPED Moisturizing Whipped Conditioner is FROTHY's counterpart that also uses capsule technology to deliver high quality ingredients like ceramides and proteins to your hair shaft for stronger and shinier hair. (originally $26)
  3. Our Micro-Stimulating Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush is the real MVP though. Use this in the shower with FROTHY Shampoo and your scalp with thank you in tenfold. The 130 micro-massage points not only go to work removing buildup but also stimulate your scalp creating blood flow that makes your hair grow faster. (originally $14)