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The Ultimate Scalp Care Kit
2 reviews
Regular price $ 66.00 Sale price $ 39.00

Long, thick hair starts at the scalp. Remove build-up & restore balance to create a healthy environment for growth with our Ultimate Scalp Care kit.

Color & Lift Replacement Brush
3 reviews
$ 14.00
Replace or refresh your Color & Lift applicator brush.
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Healthy Hair Bundle
1 review
Regular price $ 72.00 Sale price $ 49.00

Repair your hair three ways in the shower and in front of the mirror. 

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Whipped Masking Bundle
1 review
Regular price $ 40.00 Sale price $ 26.00

Deep condition and repair your hair with our Whipped Cream Conditioner. Nano-encapsulated ceramides and vitamin E go to work on repairing breakage and split ends.

Coral Velvet Plush Hair Towel
$ 22.00
Coral Velvet Plush Hair Towel is ultra soft and super absorbent. This twist up towel is specifically designed for hair. It's great for just out of the shower use or while applying a hair mask.
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Repair & Volumize Bundle
2 reviews
Regular price $ 57.00 Sale price $ 43.00

The perfect pair to defeat damage without giving up heat styling!

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Wash Daze
2 reviews
Regular price $ 66.00 Sale price $ 39.00

An at home salon hair treatment experience. 3pc kit.

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Full Haircare Routine Bundle
Regular price $ 123.00 Sale price $ 91.00

The haircare routine your locks have been begging you for. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, repair, and protect with our Full Haircare Routine. 5pc kit.

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Total Color Bundle
7 reviews
Regular price $ 50.00 Sale price $ 39.00

The full color package to keep you fresh at home, between color treatments. 2pc Kit.

Color & Conceal
52 reviews
$ 24.00

We’ve got you covered, literally. Our hair concealer formula is designed for you to have flawless hair color at all points in your coloring cycle. 

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The Repair & Thicken Duo
Regular price $ 49.00 Sale price $ 39.00

This dynamic duo repairs your hair with seven types of Hyaluronic Acid, then Raise the Roots adds thickening fibers to the mix for an extremely voluminous and voluptuous hair look.

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Conceal & Thicken Bundle
Regular price $ 38.00 Sale price $ 26.00

Style & Thicken Your Hair With Our Must Have's For Men.