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The Ultimate Scalp Care Kit
2 reviews
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Long, thick hair starts at the scalp. Remove build-up & restore balance to create a healthy environment for growth with our Ultimate Scalp Care kit.

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Repair & Volumize Bundle
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The perfect pair to defeat damage without giving up heat styling!

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Healthy Hair Bundle
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Repair your hair three ways in the shower and in front of the mirror. 

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Whipped Masking Bundle
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Deep condition and repair your hair with our Whipped Cream Conditioner. Nano-encapsulated ceramides and vitamin E go to work on repairing breakage and split ends.

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The Repair & Thicken Duo
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This dynamic duo repairs your hair with seven types of Hyaluronic Acid, then Raise the Roots adds thickening fibers to the mix for an extremely voluminous and voluptuous hair look.