Your scalp health: Could it be preventing your hair from growing?

PSA: The condition of your scalp is arguably the most important part of having healthy hair that will grow as long as you want. If it’s healthy, it encourages hair growth and regulates oil production. If it’s unhealthy, it can become itchy, flaky and irritated. Which means, if you aren't taking care of your scalp, it will show! Here, three simple ways to keep your scalp healthy and balanced:


Massage, massage, massage

We all know that one of the best parts of getting a haircut is the massage. It’s a relaxing stress-reliever. But it’s actually more than that: Massaging your scalp removes dead skin + product buildup on your scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. Research shows massage can stretch the cells of your hair follicle, encouraging blood flow and producing thicker hair. 

So if you aren't using a scalp massager, WYD?! We like using one of these gadgets more than our fingers because the pressure is even and no tired fingers after. You can use one on wet or dry hair.

In shower, on wet hair: Apply shampoo, then massage it into scalp to gently exfoliate, remove buildup from hair follicle and increase blood flow.

On dry hair: Use with your favorite hair or scalp treatment for a deeper, more effective application. You can also use without any products to re-distribute your natural oils for a boost of shine and relaxation. 

Pro-Tip: The massager can also be used to stimulate the nerves in the scalp to soothe headaches and relieve tension. Look for one with soft, micro-massage points to gently knead away stress. We recommend our Micro-Stimulating Scalp Massager.


Restore the balance

    Your scalp is more sensitive than you think, and can respond to small changes in a big way. The products you choose can disrupt the natural pH of the hair, preventing growth.

    So what is pH? It’s a measurement of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Ideally your hair is balanced between the two. Acidity causes the hair cuticle to flatten, allowing it to better retain moisture. But if you have too much alkaline, it causes the cuticle to open, leaving it dry and more susceptible to damage.

    Shampoo is the best place to start when considering your pH balance. Many shampoos are made with sulfates that strip the scalp of its natural oil production. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo with  Sea Buckthorn. This powerful ingredient contains fatty acids that support scalp circulation, hair growth and conditioning.

    We recommend Frothy.



      Now that you have given your scalp some TLC, it’s time to condition your hair! A nourishing conditioner is the finishing touch to your scalp-care routine. Look for one that contains lemon extract to boost collagen production and hair growth. We recommend Whipped.

      Let the hair transformation begin!