Your Hair Horoscope: Find Your Best New Style Based on—yes!—Your Zodiac Sign

Spring is here! You know what that means, right? It’s time to get out of your style rut with a fresh look. Since we’re fans of all-things astrology, we decided it was time to let your zodiac be your guide. Your best new hair personality is right this way… 

1. Aries. It’s time to try
a notice-me color

Hey Aries, you know you have a passionate nature and love to stand out. That means this spring, a warm but vibrant shade like coppery-red is the right refresher for you. It will prevent you from dealing with your pet peeve—being ignored—and connect you with your ruling planet, Mars. And don't worry about the red fading too fast; our Color & Lift Root Color Powder in Red or Auburn will save your day in that department! 

Photo courtesy of @hairbyamberjoy

2. Taurus: Artistic up-dos
are in your future 

As a Taurus, you yearn to connect with nature and growth and you have a love of art. That means braids are right for you. They give a sense of connection as your locks intertwine. And your patient nature will allow you to take the time to create something beautiful, indulging your artful side. Using our Volcanic Volume to texturize your hair will help to make them sleek but full of volume. 

Photo courtesy of @lipstickncurls

3. Gemini: It’s all about balayage 

As the twin sign, you can alternate between social and serious. That’s why we like the idea of balayage highlights—their easy-fade look strikes the right chord of being fun but not outrageous— especially those that enhance yellow tones, as yellow is your lucky color. Since Geminis are also always seeking new experiences and challenges, this color technique can complement your fast-paced lifestyle; it doesn't need the kind of upkeep that would interfere with your schedule.

Photo courtesy of @hairbyamberjoy

4. Cancer: White is your
lucky color

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, it’s thought that bright white and silver—shades associated with the moon itself—connect Cancer with its deeply intuitive, loyal and sentimental traits. That means it’s time to "blonde it up," Cancer! Explore the white-grey toned trends or even just a super neutral toner to get this white blonde look. Since toners can fade, use our grey Color & Lift to bring life back into your chic locks.

Photo courtesy of @hairby_chrissy

5. Leo: Go big or go home

Let your lioness show, Leo! Your sign of the lion symbolizes being fearless. And since you also love to be the center of attention, what could be better than going with bigger hair this season? Start by getting a cut with some layers to volumize your style. Then give your layers some extra oomph with our Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray, which is lightweight and leaves your hair entirely touchable. See—you’ve got that sense of power you crave! 

Photo courtesy of @loveyourhair_bysher

6. Virgo: A small change
can make a big diff

You need a hairstyle that is practical because you are known to be a very careful sign. And you’re a perfectionist! That means you like sticking with hairstyles that you know already work. To help you make a bit of a change without going too far outside your comfort zone, take baby steps: Maybe your go-to hairstyle is a low ponytail. Let's revamp it by mixing in a bit of your lucky color of natural brown to emphasize stability and growth. If you're already a natural brown, experiment with darker or lighter shades. You can freshen your browns with our Revive & Style Instant & Temporary Color Mousse.

Photo courtesy of @loveyourhair_bysher

7. Libra: Are you a mermaid
or a unicorn?

Baby blush pinks and sky blue hues help to open Libra's heart and compassionate side.

That tells you that you should try out the new opal-colored hair trends, Libra! Need more proof of why they’re worth a shot? You have a loving nature—you’re ruled by the goddess Venus, after all—and these colors are tres romantique. You also value balance, and these softly harmonious colors can bring calmness into your life. Start by talking to your stylist about what shades will work best with your hair color. And since most of these pastels are semi-permanent, you don’t have to make a serious commitment. 

Photo courtesy of @rossmichaelssalon

8. Scorpio: Step into the dark side

You’re passionate and intense, whether it be about work, play, school or whatever. You’re also the one sign with the lucky color of black. It's no surprise, then, that you’re mysterious and sexy! All of which hints at the fact that maybe it’s time to explore what you’d look like with black hair (and you don’t have to go all long and Elvira; a jet-black bob is super chic). It could be an empowering moment, right? 

Photo courtesy of @SorelleUK

9. Sagittarius: A new way to be
the life of the party 

You pride yourself on being adventurous and free. You have a wanderlust personality that enjoys being the life of the party. Your lucky color is purple, and you are considered one of the luckiest signs, so you feel like you never need to worry about your decisions. What more do we need to say? Sounds like it’s time for you to try out the most royal of all the shades to match your inner self! And with so many options in the purple palette right now, from grey-violets to deeper amethyst, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match. 

Photo courtesy of @KenraProfessional

10. Capricorn: Explore beyond
what's familiar

As a Capricorn, you are totally responsible and also stubborn to change. That means you need to give grey a try. While grey shades captivate the conservative side of you, dying your hair the now-trendy color would be a step out of your “natural hair color” comfort zone. Added benefit of going grey: Since you’re an air sign, your best friends might be fire signs. They’ll be super-impressed with your brave beauty choice, which will give you a major boost of confidence!

Photo courtesy of @Guy_Tang

11. Aquarius: Short, Sweet & Flirty Is Your New Thing

Aquarians, you are known for having restless energy. A short hairstyle, with its swingy movement, can help complement your love of action. One of our fave short-ish cuts is the lob, which is a bit longer version of a bob and can still work in a ponytail. Create some volume at the roots with our Big Lift Volume Stick by brushing it onto the roots by section and styling from there. 

Photo courtesy of @ElieteRoas

12. Pisces: Let’s take 3 inches off!

Pisces are known for rejuvenation and healing energies. You’re also known to take a lot of time to think things through and can be indecisive about jumping into a drastic change. Nothing will feel better to you, then, than a nice trim for renewal. But maybe it’s time to take off a few inches rather than your usual one inch? That’s just enough to give you a new look but not so much as to totally change your style you’re your routine. 

Photo courtesy of @CamiMendes

OK—now it’s your turn: What’s your zodiac sign and what are you excited to try? Comment away!