I have had a life long obsession with two things, travel and beauty products. (I know, you’re shocked!)


As for travel—I actually love everything about it, even the long flights. There is a kind of peaceful quiet and luxurious downtime while you’re in the air, especially if you’re sitting on an 18- to 20-hour flight to Asia. And the excitement of never knowing what to expect when you land in a new country or city—it’s electrifying!


Then there are the beauty products. I’m pretty sure it started when I was about eight years old. I remember my mom gave my best friend Monica and me a bright red nail polish and told us to start painting our nails. I was hooked after that first self-mani. So over the years, I decided to combine these two great loves and search out the most fun, innovative beauty products all while seeing the world.



Power girls, princesses and cats, of course

Hong Kong was a city that I didn’t know a lot about before arriving. After about two days, it became the city I never wanted to leave. There is energy in the air and the streets are crowded with super-stylish people everywhere, all looking like they have somewhere special to go. I had looked into some beauty brands that we can’t find in the USA prior to heading there and had my list ready to go as soon as I arrived. We headed into downtown Hong Kong and I was in heaven! I had never seen so many shops in a concentrated area like that before. And I was on a mission: You see, since I was younger, I have collected anything I could find from the Japanese anime television series Sailor Moon. So when I heard they launched a color cosmetic brand, well, you know I needed an extra suitcase. First stop, a chain of beauty stores called Sasa, where I knew I could score some Sailor Moon.


And this place did not disappoint! Walls and walls filled with very cool Asian beauty products. Then, there it was—the most beautiful packaging I had ever seen.  Sailor Moon compacts, lipsticks, blushes, everything. They looked like they were right out of a girl-power fairytale! I bought everything in the collection.



Next up, I had heard that the cool American fashion designer Jill Stuart had created a beautiful brand of cosmetics that was exclusively sold in Asia; she’s got lots of fans there. I had to get my hands on it. When it comes to beauty, everything in Asia has a very whimsical girly vibe and the Jill Stuart Collection was exactly on point. You all know I’ve seen lots of beauty products so I’m not easily impressed. But when you stand in the boutique surrounded by her range of products, from ornately-packaged lipglosses to beautifully embellished eyeshadow palettes, you really feel like a princess!




Now, tell me I can get a lipstick shaped like a cat and I am in! Which meant a stop at Paul & Joe Beaute, a much-loved French fashion brand also known for its cutting-edge beauty line, was a must. The boutique was very modern with no clutter; the focus was on the rows of lipsticks with their signature cat labels. It is an addicting brand as the shades are soft and wearable. A must-see if you haven’t heard of it, and a must-wear if you have!