We Just Thought of Three More Ways Our Color & Lift Brush Can Next-Level Your Hair

Whether you’re new to our Color & Lift Root Color Powder or consider it as a must-have tool in your roots-banishing beauty routine, we thought you’d appreciate a few insider tips on yet more ways it can make your hair gorgeous in a flash.

It can add a fun shot of color with highlights or lowlights

We’re always on anti-boring-hair patrol here at TRUHAIR, dreaming up ways to help you zhoosh your locks. So here’s our latest: Instead of applying the Color & Lift powder just to your roots, pick a shade that will contrast with your hair color and sweep the brush along the lengths of your hair. Et voila!—a little pop of temp color ’til next time you shampoo.

It can make your entire head of hair look thicker 

With a name like Color & Lift Root Powder, it’s a given that the powder will help lift at the roots along your part. But bet you didn’t know that it can give the appearance of thicker hair overall. And since some 30,000 women in America are dealing with thinning hair, we’re thinking that’s pretty good news for a lot of us! Use the Color & Lift brush by swirling the brush around the root area near the scalp to evenly dispense powder. The powder will attach to the hairs causing volume and the appearance of increased thickness and fuller hair.

It can mimic dry shampoo

Since Color & Lift helps absorb excess oils and grease, it makes your hair appear cleaner and fresher. Which means extending time between those locks-drying washes. 

See—so much gorgeous, so little time!