There’s a Whole New Trend Called Shadow Roots

We get it—if you dye your hair eventually your natural root color will grow out. Nothing can be done about that. Except…maybe have some fun! That’s where this whole new “shadow roots” thing comes in. It allows you to color your roots in a fun shade to create a contrasting but gradient shadow effect with the rest of your hair.  Or it lets you embrace your real roots as part of your look.

Photo Courtesy of @Jessicapowerspaints

We love that it’s a cool way to play around with a totally new hair color without fully committing. Think about it: Having a bright color applied only at your roots and then having it fade as it continues down the hair shafts is way less jarring than going full-on bright all over, right? You can also go with a pastel instead of a bright for a softer contrast. You or your stylist will want to use a semi-permanent hair color to make it easy to re-apply the color as needed at the root level, blending it out as you continue down the strands for a smooth transition.

Photo Courtesy of @Notanothersalon

To do shadow roots with your natural root color, your stylist will use a semi-permanent formula in a color somewhere between your real roots and your dyed hair, dabbing it about one inch on either side of where your new roots are growing out and your colored hair starts. This helps soften that harsh line of demarcation and blends the hues of the two (A.K.A. another new trend: Color Melting).

Photo Courtesy of @Emilyrays

Check out here to see how you can apply quick and easy shadow roots to yourself or just to see exactly how it works. And happy shadowing!