The One Thing I’ve Learned About “Good” Hair

Of course I’m going to talk hair on my debut post for our gorgeous new site. And since this is my hello to you, I thought we should start with the basics. Like, the whole “good” hair vs “bad” hair thing. Most of us think we’ve got the latter and we fight on a daily basis to get the unruly mess to behave. But guess what? I’ve learned, from having had, let’s say, precisely 1 trillion conversations with women about what’s on their head, that there’s no such thing as “bad” hair.

There I said it: There’s no such thing as bad hair.

There are bad shampoos and bad conditioners. There are bad, or wrong-for-you styling products. There are evil styling tools that can wield damage to your locks faster then you can unplug the thing. There are bad color decisions. But that’s not your hair’s fault. That’s you not making peace with what you’ve got and not showing it any love as you attempt to bend it to your will.

I get it—the hair you were born with may not be your ideal. Maybe it’s stick straight and you wish you had curls. Maybe it’s as thick as a horse’s tail and you wished it was fine and wispy. Maybe it’s washed-out blonde and you’d kill for jet black. Abusing it won’t make it into those things.

Instead, focus on what you want from your hair, then spend some time finding the best products to gently nudge your locks in that direction. Key word here: gently. Kill it with kindness, in fact. Same as if you’re trying to have your best, healthiest body—don’t make it do things it wasn’t meant to do, and don’t punish it for not doing those things. Flirt it into submission instead.

I’m planning on filling this space—and our entire site, in fact—with the arsenal of info and inspo you need to help you and your hair get there. Also, there will be occasional dips into my other obsession—travel. And how finding the most delicious mozzarella in all of Italy can really give you better hair. Because if eating fresh mozzarella isn’t a way to show yourself some love, then what is?