Can one product work its magic for three very different end results? If you’re talking our triple-threat, volume-adding Revive & Style Instant & Temporary Hair Color Mousse, the answer would be, Hellooo! Here’s how...

  1. If you color your hair
We all know that feeling of leaving the salon and after a few days your hair starts to oxidize and fade, making all that expensive color you just had put in look dingy and discolored. Our wonder mousse revitalizes the color and adds shine. Which means you get to prolong your trips to the salon.
  1. If you don’t color your hair

Revive & Style Mousse also enhances natural hair color by boosting what you’ve got with an instant dose of color and gloss, always a welcome thing.

  1. If you want to pull a hair-color switcheroo

Our mousse is temporary so you can change up your hair color in the time it takes to pull out your selfie stick. Rub it in and go, then wash it out with a quick shampoo.

We came up with five different shades to cover every head: Silver works just as well for grey/silver tones as it does platinum blondes. Blonde is a perfect enhancer for warmer honey blondes. Different shades of brown have magical results on a range of brunettes. Jet black boosts very dark or black hair.

And finally, because this is the sort of thing we obsess over, the bottle’s application tip is specially designed to not allow the color foam to drip out, so you can carefully control how much mousse you need.  Applying it is as simple as working it into your wet or damp hair, then blow drying and styling as normal.  

Here’s to multi-tasking!