The Brush That Perfectly Covers Your Roots (and saves you $$!)

Let’s face it: Few things are more annoying than having your roots start to peek through your beautifully-colored hair. Our founder and chief creative officer Chelsea Scott knows this firsthand and lucky for us, she made finding a way to cover those pesky sprouts one of her missions. After all, we all know the power of the confidence you feel when your hair looks its most gorgeous.

That product—our Color & Lift Root Color Powder—is the original Truhair superstar. It’s specially formulated to attach to your roots to create a natural looking color and texture. Made out of beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E, it comes in eight different shades for these popular dyed-hair colors: light, medium and dark brown, black, blonde, auburn, red and now, gray, which we added after getting lots of requests from you; it works on natural gray hair as well.

But remember, our Color & Lift brush doesn’t only disguise your roots, it’s also designed to help thinning-spot coverage by attaching to individual hairs and giving the appearance of fuller and thicker locks. And it couldn’t be easier to use: the brush’s innovative applicator dispenses the powder straight through the brush to the specific area you want to cover. The brush head is also detachable so you can buy refill powder and attach it to the same brush. And since we know you don’t want to spend time color-correcting your hair every morning, the color stays with you until you’re ready to wash it out (meaning it also won’t rub off onto your pillow at night!).