We just got back from Cosmoprof in Las Vegas, where, yes, it was hot, but I was prepped for that. It was so worth it: It’s the most major of the major tradeshows where all of us in the beauty industry get to see what we’re all up to. The newest, greatest, craziest, most genius products, tech, packaging—you name it—it’s all there.  Along with about 1,100 exhibitors and 33,000 attendees from more than 38 countries. Since you all know how obsessed I am with the beauty industry, I’m sure you can only imagine how our annual Cosmoprof trip is a dream come true for me, a virtual playground of the latest in innovation.

And the fact that I was asked to do a presentation on "How to Be Your Best Brand Ambassador," which gave me the chance to interact with the owners of other brands/products and help them learn how to effectively communicate their own brand messaging made this an extra-wonderful experience.

Which brings me to the #1 buzzword of the show: Exfoliate.

Everywhere we turned we were told we should start doing it if we don’t already, and start doing it more if we already do. There were hundreds of skincare products focused on "healthy alternatives to the traditional chemical ingredients" in exfoliants, with every type of scrub, tools that help with scrubbing, masks that utilize exfoliating enzymes, at every turn. You know that means you’re going to find a zillion new exfoliating products and tools coming your way soon.

The other biggest trend we noticed: liquid lipsticks in every shade possible and in metallics, mattes, shimmers—gorgeous. Some of my other favorite discoveries were a beautiful skin care brand from South Korea called TOV that has an ingenious BB cream in an aerosol can with a sponge applicator at top. Bondi Sans from Australia had an incredible self-tanner that I used in my hotel room—I came out looking like I just left the beach!

And the reaction to our own TRUHAIR products was awesome. We had all of our products at our booth and were able to share them with so many people from around the globe. The debut of our new Extreme Volume Hairspray was a hit with the beauty editors and buyers alike. Be sure to read our latest Meet The One (link to story) to find out why.

Of course, it wasn't all work. Probably my fave downtime moment was when we hit up Lago by Julian Serrano at the Belaggio, overlooking the magical fountains. Chef Serrano creates an Italian feast of all small plates—the better for sharing!—that made us all feel like we were in Italy, my favorite place on earth. See, told you it was so worth it!