Teeny hair color tweaks to look on-trend this minute

Rose blonde and mauve chocolate. Those are the two shades L’Oreal Paris, a major domo of the hair color world (like, when they talk, hair experts listen) declared “biggest colors of summer 2018” earlier this year. 

What we love about those two colors is that if you’re blonde or brunette, you don’t have to radically change your look to be on-trend. You can just tweak what you have by adding a touch of an unexpected shade. And really, both colors start with rose gold. 

Rose blonde is exactly what it says, created by adding a dash of rose-gold to blonde locks. You can DIY with a temp color application like Clairol Crave Hair Makeup. You can also work with your stylist if you want to do a semi-permanent look to get the shade and placement totally right. 

The mauve chocolate, above, is actually what you get when you add rose gold to dark hair. Check out this color spray that works on darker hair. Or work with your stylist to do a balayage that lightens your ends a bit and then adds rose gold.

A few other fresh ideas we’re loving right now:

  • If you’re a jeans-loving girl, check out Nicole Richie’s denim hair. It’s darker and more textured than the pastel shades you’ve seen around.
  • Give yourself a hint of darker color fast by evenly spreading throughout your hair our Revive & Style Instant & Temporary Hair Color Mousse in a one-deeper shade than normal.
  • For an insta-color boost, instead of applying our Color & Lift powder just to your roots, pick a shade that will contrast a bit with your hair color and sweep the brush along the length of your hair.