Take Our "Hair-Speak" Quiz!

Want to make sure you’re up on the basics and new buzzwords next time you chat with your stylist and colorist? Thought so. Take our quiz to see what you need to add to your hair-vocabulary arsenal.

  1. Balayage describes…
    1. a hairstyle for your new combo ballet-yoga class
    2. a highlighting technique where the color is ‘painted’ onto the hair 
  1. When you think “big hair,” you think…
    1. hot rollers and the Eighties
    2. major sexy volume
  1. If you’ve got good body, it’s because…
    1. you’re rocking layers that let your hair move
    2. you’ve got super-thick hair you just leave alone 
  1. Dusting means you’re…
    1. snipping away such small amounts of dry hair that it resembles dust as it hits the floor
    2. cleaning the dust out of your hair brush
  1. If you add fiber cream to your hair diet, you’ll…
    1. have to apply some goopy, crunchy stuff to your hair every morning
    2. raise your strands from the roots and score some extreme volume  
  1. A follicle is a…
    1. sheath that surrounds your hair shaft 
    2. bag to keep hair clippings in 
  1. A hair mask will help you…
    1. repair split ends
    2. replenish moisture 
  1. An ombre effect is created by… 
    1. having color gradually change from lighter to darker (or vice versa) as it goes down hair strands
    2. painting different rainbow colors down the length of hair
  1. Permanent color means you…
    1. never have to dye your hair again
    2. can go a lot lighter than your natural color 
  1. A razor cut is best for…
    1. shaving your head
    2. creating a soft, swingy, textured style
  1. Shadow roots are cool because…
    1. you can use eyeshadow to cover your roots
    2. your own root color can show through as part of the color process  
  1. You have to have really thick hair to have volume
    1. True.
    2. False.  


  1. b. 2. b (you can get it with our Volcanic Volume!). 3. a. 4. a. 5. b (silk fibers in our Raise the Roots 2.0 work volume magic!).  6. a. 7. b. 8. a. 9. b (our Color & Lift brush will help you keep that color longer!). 10. b. 11. b. 12. b (just give our The Big Lift Stick a try!).