Our Latest Genius Invention Will Give You 25 Hours of Flawless Hair

No, we are not making this up. Yes, this is a real thing. Our new Big Lift Volume Stick will change your hair’s entire attitude for an entire day and night plus one. 

Carefully concocted with magical ingredients like argan oil (the actual stuff, from argan trees in Morocco), baobob seed oil (this is another fantastic emollient, also from an African tree of the same name), castor oil (if you aren’t up on everything wondrous about this oil, read our story on it here) plus soy and henna extract, all of which help condition your hair. It’s also got just a dash of fresh fragrance to help keep those locks smelling fresh. Sounds great, right? It gets better: All of these natural wonders have been crafted into a special formulation by our Truhair team to add volume, pump up shine and hold curl, for 25 continuous hours.

And fear-not: It’s so easy to use because just like its name says, The Big Lift Volume Stick comes in a solid stick! Use it where you wish your hair had more volume by applying it at the root of your hair, near the scalp, and rubbing in. For gorgeous shine, rub stick across finger tips and rake through hair and ends to help seal. To get your curls to behave, swipe your fingers with the stick and follow the shape of your curl for major hold. How’s that for real?

[Tip: To avoid overusing, twist the bottom of stick up to reveal no more than half-inch of product.]