New year, New you, New ’do

We love making New Year’s resolutions, even if we don’t always keep them. One change that is equal parts super-easy to accomplish and super-scary to consider is a hairstyle switch up. But since we truly believe that there are few better ways to shake things up, we searched out the cuts and styling ideas for 2018 that feel fresh but not radical. As in, you can do this!

Dirty blonde. It’s making a comeback!

Think Selena Gomez getting back with J-Biebs this year. Feel free to rock those dark roots and add a warm golden blonde throughout the rest of your hair.


The cute bob. You know you’ve always wanted it!

 Trust us, you will thank yourself when your hair is healthy after you’ve gotten rid of all those dead ends. Talk about a fresh start!  Now just because this is a shorter cut doesn’t mean it has to be scary. The fantastic thing about the bob is that you can ease into going shorter by playing around with the length. You can feel free to go with a longer bob, or lob, so you can still work a ponytail or keep the front a little longer so you have the option to pull it into a top bun or tuck behind your ears. Also, if you have curly hair, it’s a good idea to work your way slowly into a shorter look so you can see how your curls react.  


Shaggy bangs and beachy waves. If T-Swift can reinvent herself, you can too!



Give the “New Taylor” a try with a trendy shoulder-length cut that lets you rock some wavy and imperfect bangs and natural waves. Given all the Swifties out there, guaranteed this cut is going to be tres popular this year (good or bad reputation aside)!


Hair jewelry. Yup, it’s super chic.



Sometimes it’s not just about your hair, but what’s in and surrounding it! This super-fun and glam trend of adorning your locks with metallic jewelry will def score some serious hearts. Etsy is a great place to find some of these one-of-a-kind pieces at wallet-happy prices.