I Love (yes, with a capital “L”) Europe in the summer. Because I’m a city girl and not a beach person, I don’t head to any of the coasts. That means I don’t hit "high season" or run into too many tourists. And I pack light.

Believe it or not, London is my fave spot. There’s nothing like this beautiful city in the summer. First stop is Covent Gardens, located in the West End, where there’s always a great summer breeze, you can spend hours shopping the outdoor markets, try endless amounts of food at the street vendors and sit at a cafe people watching. Covent Garden is also home to the Beauty Quarter, a one-square-mile area packed with more standalone boutiques than anywhere else in London. It’s where I do what I love best—shop for beauty products! I can spend endless time strolling in and out of boutiques like Aesop, 3INA, and Jo Malone. At night, I’m all about taking in an outdoor movie, an incredible experience. The Luna Cinema plays classics and newer films, all under the stars in the most amazing settings around the city, including parks, castles, even Westminster Abbey! Drink wine and eat popcorn all in the middle of London's culture—heaven.

I travel with only one suitcase and I’m fierce about having travel-size products. I actually shop for them year-round and have a collection I pick from when packing. For brands that don't provide smaller sizes, I buy travel bottles from GoToob; they never leak. I opt for light, silky cotton unstructured dresses, which are easy to pack and can take you from day to night. Shoes take up way too much room, and since I’m in Europe with all those cobblestone streets, I stick with comfy wedge sandals in a neutral taupe or brown that goes with everything.

Lugging a blow dryer around the globe is a hassle. So while I want to make sure my hair always looks on-point (not that easy in the humidity of summer), I don’t pack one. Instead, I have a trick I discovered on a summer trip to Greece when I got thrown into the sea, with no hair products to be found. It works perfectly for any hair type. Wash your hair and the moment you step out of the shower, take sections about 2-inches wide and twist in a circular motion until it feels snug, then take a clip or bobby pin and secure through  the midsection. Relax, eat, drink—when your hair dries naturally you will have the best beach waves ever, and they stay! I try to go a few days without washing so I keep the style fresh by running the Truhair Color-n-Lift Powder Brush through my roots, which absorbs oils and gives some volume.


Happy travels!