Every year like clockwork, come December 26th, we start to contemplate our New Year’s resolutions. We all recite: “This is the year I am going to make it work.” Then disappointment sets in on or about January 5, when one of those resolutions doesn’t stick. This year I am changing it up—I will not give into the pressure and set myself up to fail! Instead, I have created my own anti-resolution list, some things I know I can stick to for success. Here it is (you totally should do the same):

  1. “I will not deny myself a cookie when I want one.” Listen, staying fit is important to me but obsessing every time I want to splurge on a cookie is over. Everything in moderation is what they say, right? Right.
  2. “I will not stop buying makeup.” I have a (not-so) secret obsession with color cosmetics. If there is a new launch, I need it, even if I know I have something similar at home. I could have 50 red lipsticks but if I see a new brand I haven’t tried, you can bet that I will buy #51. We all have our vices and as far as vices go, this is not a bad one. So no more giving myself a hard time about it!
  3. “I will not stop trying the latest in skincare technology.” As with my makeup habit, over the years I have bought into every type of cream, potion and lotion promising to keep skin looking youthful—and every year I tell myself I should be ashamed for adding to my supply. But to be honest, the reason I keep buying is that I am still on the search for that fountain of youth. I hereby forgive myself for not having plans to change that mission anytime soon.
  4. “I will not stop wearing heels.” Listen, I have been asked by everyone, Do you really need to wear heels to a picnic?!? The answer is a resounding, YES! There is something about heels, including high wedges of course, that makes you feel taller, thinner, more polished and yes, I will continue to wear them to the beach. J
  5. “I will not stop putting cute clothes on Gucci.” I have sworn many years in a row that I won’t put her in a sweater. The flack I get a lot from people who think dogs shouldn’t be wearing clothes is just too much. That all changes with 2018—I say, Gucci likes her cute sweaters so Gucci will wear cute sweaters!
  6. “I will celebrate my anti-resolutions.” I am going to take 2018 one day at a time, possibly enjoying a cookie at a café in Italy. Gucci will be wearing her little pink sweater and I, of course, will be wearing a new red lipstick!

Now, doesn’t even reading an anti-res list make you a whole lot less stressed? Time to do your own. And let me know how it goes!