Microblading = the new perfect solution to long-lasting perf brows

Eyebrows are arguably one of the most prominent features on your face, which is probably why everyone is so obsessed with making them look perfect. By now, you've probably heard that this the new trend of microblading might help get you there. But what exactly is microblading?

Microblading is a form of temporary tattooing. Pigmented ink is delicately implanted just under your skin by a manual tool. A trained technician utilizes small strokes that are supposed to emulate the look of real hairs.

Finding a good technician can be time-consuming, but it’s necessary to get your specific desired results. You want to find someone who is equal parts artist and technician. An artist will be able to deliver realistic results that look soft and natural. This can only be done if the technician has significant practice and experience. Make sure to have consultations with those you’re interested in. You can ask to see them draw an example of what your brows would look like on paper, and it should mimic your ideal expectations. (Remember, real pros won’t need to use stencils.) Always be sure to review their websites, testimonials, portfolios and Instagram accounts for more examples of their work and reviews from past clients. Another idea would be to ask if they are affiliated with any physicians. This is always a good sign and means that the technician should have some credibility. Professionals should have many connections and references in their industry. It shows others respect and can vouge for their good work.

Microblading is a long process that takes around two hours to complete and it really shouldn’t be rushed. This meticulous treatment is important because of the attention to detail. Seeing as the microblading effects can last up to three years, that attention to detail is a good thing.

First, the technician will draw on and outline where each hair should go and the general shape of your brow in a removable pencil. This is what can take up most of the time since they are trying to get everything perfect for when they go in with the microblading tool. The area is numbed with a numbing cream in order to minimize any pain during the process. (Even with, the numbing, you could still feel a slight discomfort during the process.)

While there might be a small amount of bleeding during the procedure (like getting a regular tattoo) remember that things like tanning, drinking alcohol, working out right before your appointment, taking blood thinning medications and even consuming caffeine may cause excess bleeding. That can negatively affect how well the pigment works and stays on the body, so be sure to ask your technician how you can best minimize bleeding before the appointment for the best results. Also you should know that since everyone heals differently, it can take around a month for complete healing.

Right about now you’re probably thinking, this whole thing sounds kind of scary, and it’s not cheap—the whole process can cost around 700-800 bucks! —so why should I even consider doing it? Well, brows that are created by microblading are known for looking more natural than other similar options, specifically permanent or other types of tattooed cosmetics, which can appear clunky and drawn on. Also, since so many of us have engaged in overplucking over the years, it’s likely you have gaps in your brows, making them appear less full. Microblading can fix that by reconstructing your original eyebrow shape (and even add slight arches where necessary!).

But the really great thing about this treatment is the low maintenance. After microblading, your brows will look impeccable from the moment you lift your head from the pillow. Imagine all the life-altering things you can do with the time you’ve been spending obsessing over your brows! Now, to keep your perfect new brows looking fresh and beautiful, there will need to be follow-up appointments every 6 months to a year depending on your skin type and lifestyle for quick touch ups but these sessions shouldn’t last any longer than an hour.

We want to hear from you about this whole thing: Have you tried microblading? What was your experience? Is it a trend that’s worth trying, or now that everyone seems to be more chill about having more natural-looking brows, do you say, Nah?

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