Go grab your curling irons—romantic hair is trending! Gone are the days of bone-straight, boring styles. Instead we’re seeing textured braids, curls in varying sizes and twists, innovative updos—all very Juliet-inspired, all super-pretty and super-sexy.

  1. A tousled half-up, half-down mix

For any romantic hairstyle, you’ll want to start by curling your hair with a style wand or curling iron. If you want the curls to look really natural, try using different sized barrels. This blogger combines the different elements of twisting and braiding (check out the cool way she adds more interest to her braids; the next video tells you what this technique is called!) as a unique way to create a just-messy-enough, pretty look. The two accent braids that she places on either side of her head help tie the whole look together, while she adds volume to the updo by backcombing at the top of the crown.

  1. Cool-girl boho twists

She starts out by alternating the direction in which her curls are facing and has a deep side part, a fresh departure from more typical hippie-ish center parts. Then she uses the “pancake” technique to loosen up the twists as she’s creating the hairstyle (“pancaking” the braids make them appear messier and more boho-inspired). Another quick tip to making this hairstyle work—make sure to either use hair pins that are very close to the same color your hair is or take time to carefully cover up the hair pins with the other twist.

  1. A totally pretty, totally “up” updo

This romantic hair style is perfect for summer; it shows you how to create a braided crown that gets the hair off your neck. It’s a dressier look so it would be perfect for any weddings or special occasions on your calendar over the next few months. For best results with this particular tutorial, you should have medium to long hair. Don’t forget to leave out the baby hairs to frame the face. And truth be told, this style looks a little complicated as the blogger goes through it in the video, but if you take your time, you’ll be fine.  

  1. A so-worth-it braided bun

A common theme throughout the romantic hair trend is twists and braids. This tutorial shows you how to create a low bun out of two twist French braids on either side of your part that come together in the back. This intricate twist braid creates a lot of layers and different textures, which are looks great but it is time-consuming. Good tip: Before the blogger even starts to style her hair, she puts hair wax throughout her hair to help create the look of volume as well as to keep the hair from falling out while twisting the pieces together. Curling the front bangs and separating them from the rest of the hairstyle helps complete this look.

  1. A quick and easy side ponytail

This easy sidepony can be pulled together quickly before you run out the door. We’ve noticed some of the freshest romantic hairstyles are done using a deep side part instead of a center part or no part at all—it creates volume at the top of your head—and this blogger makes a point of explaining how to position your side part. Don’t miss how she inverts and flips her ponytail inside out at the end; it’s such an additional fun detail!