Is “Cher Hair” Your Next Look?

Cher was the bomb, a major style trendsetter when she first appeared on the music and TV scene in the 1960s, rocking outrageously low-slung striped bell bottoms, fringed suede vests, tall boots, teeny minis, giant floppy hats. Over the past decades, she moved onto the jaw-droppingly spangled and see-through Bob Mackie pieces and became known as a serious actress (Moonstruck, Mask) and huge pop star (“Believe,” “If I Could Turn Back Time”). But always, there was the iconic (truly) hair: shiny, straight, jet-black, center-parted and down past her waist.

Fast forward to 2017 and this “Goddess of Pop,” as she’s been nicknamed, is making headlines once again, with major celebs like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj finding inspo in both Cher’s hippie hair as well as legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell’s signature long straight mane. It’s become the hair trend of the season.

To take it into real life, you should know the celebs who take this trend to the extreme (i.e. waist length and longer) tend to use extensions to get such an impactful look. You can do clip-in extensions, sure, but you can score the vibe of this style by paying attention to the other elements that make it Cher- or Naomi-worthy.

Not all of us rock a center part on the daily, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to make it look great:

  • Use a rattail comb to carefully part your hair down the center
  • Brush your hair to each side and smooth it down
  • Use TRUHAIR’s Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray to lock in that hairstyle—it won’t go anywhere!

If you’re also crushing on that darker hair color but yours is a lighter shade of brown, no worries! We’ve got a solution for that too. Our Revive & Style - Instant & Temporary Color Mousse has the ability to give you temporary color that lasts until you shampoo it out. That means you can choose either our dark brown or black shade to score that Cher look.

Here, some inspo of real women who get the look right, right now.

Cher hair style paired with a metallic mini? We call this “alien chic”!


Photo provided by @priyaleigh on Instagram

Or keep it classic and pair your Cher hair with a jean jacket. (Cher loves the denim!)


Photo provided by @davefunseeka on Instagram

 An off-shoulder style is a perfect Cher look, circa 1970s, and is super “in” this year too.


Photo provided by @emilyrosefernands on Instagram

These extensions perfectly capture Cher hair and the watercolor print top is modern hippie!

Photo provided by @mrdbigginhair on Instagram