Introducing Raise the Roots 2.0 - This One Will Take your hair to new heights!

OK, unless you actually live at the beach and swim in the ocean every single day to score that awesomely sexy, wavy, volume-y beach hair that you get from salt water and wind, you’re going to want to take the next four seconds to memorize this name: Raise the Roots 2.0 Thickening Fiber Cream (RTR 2.0 for short). Because it’s the magical product that will put an end to the entirely unsexy, unbeachy thing that happens to your hair when it goes flat. And it will help you make the transformation in about four seconds.


Some of you may remember our classic Raise the Roots Thickening Fiber Style Cream with those funny little fibers that Chelsea, our Chief Creative Officer, calls “hair extensions in a bottle.” RTR2.0 is a new and improved version of that, because, well, you demanded a comeback and we thought, why not make it even better? So we harnessed the power of this innovative Silk-Spun Technology, which allows the thickening fibers to wrap around the strands of your hair like a cocoon. These babies create incredible volume without leaving your locks sticky or crunchy. In fact our keratin-argania (AKA, keratin and argan oil) complex increases the overall thickness of the hair by moisturizing it with Vitamin E and fatty acids that attach to and help replenish the hair follicles. And you won’t believe how lightweight this new formula is! Because really, heavy cream products end up weighing the hair down instead of lifting it up, which is the exact opposite of what you want.


Our final gift to you? Raise the Roots 2.0 is super easy to use. After you’ve washed and towel-dried your hair, simply rub a small amount—like a dime size—of product throughout your hair. Finish your look by air drying or blow drying and styling as normal. You can add RTR 2.0 to dry hair as well. Then watch as your hair goes higher and sexier and the compliments roll in!