How to keep your hair color from fading this summer -- 4 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Hair Color

To keep your hair color vibrant and shiny, it is vital you understand one thing about that awesome stuff that makes your hair look thicker, healthier, prettier, transformative and sometimes just plain cool: Hair color is not always permanent and can fade from being exposed to the sun, chlorine and salt water. But that doesn’t mean you need to hide inside all summer. Here are some basic but tried-and-true tips (and a few Truhair tricks) to help you care for your color-treated locks.


  1. Shampoo less often

That means wait a minimum of two days after you’ve colored your hair before you shampoo. This leaves enough time for your hair to soak up all the color molecules, your cuticles to close and the color to set. Also, shampooing less in general can help keep your hair color vibrant for longer and will prevent your hair from drying out.


Now we know what you’re thinking: How do I shampoo less during the sweaty season?  Well, there’s really no reason to wash your hair with shampoo every time you get a little sweaty since sweat is simply salt and water. Which is why dry shampoo can be your best friend during these warm-weather days. It soaks up excess dirt and oil and makes your hair smell fresh. Take our Volcanic Volume Volumizing Powder: Sure, it adds volume and texture, but when you work it through your roots, it also helps minimize extra oils and impurities.

  1. Lower your water temperature

When showering, go as cold as you can to keep your cuticles sealed and color intact. And since it’s hot and sticky outside, a cool shower will feel pretty great.


  1. Get friendly with color-depositing enhancers

If you’re finding that you’re being careful but your hair color is still fading because you’re a total outside girl this time of year, a color-boosting product can be a lifesaver. There are color-depositing shampoos and conditioners that act as semi-permanent hair color. You can also mix actual semi-permanent colors with your favorite conditioner for regular use during the week. A quick fix is our Revive & Style Instant & Temporary Color Mousse, which revitalizes color and adds shine to colored hair. (And if you don’t color your hair? It boosts what you’ve got!) For root touch-ups, our Color & Lift Root Color Powder brushes deposit magical colored fibers onto the hair to help cover thinning spots, pesky roots and unwanted gray. Meaning you can go longer between your salon visits.



  1. Start deep conditioning

We’re not just talking your regular conditioning here, we’re talking deep conditioning, where you apply a pack that you leave on for a bit. you usually want to shampoo only your scalp and condition only your ends, helping maintain color on the most easily damaged part of your hair and not over-moisturizing your roots, during the summer you can apply conditioner from about mid-strand down. You can even leave it on when you go to the beach! (Take a peak at this story for more great healthy-hair tips.) 


We know—it takes some patience and creativity to keep your color-treated (or not!) hair alive and healthy from now through August. But c’mon, you have to admit it just got a whole lot easier!