If you’re planning on tying the knot this season, you’ve got one major thought overwhelming your brain: How to be Your. Most. Beautiful. Self. And how to be that way for the entire day/night because it’s not like the pictures stop once your pro photographer’s done. There will be lots of cameras and lots of social posts.


While it’s a good idea to go to a pro for your big-day hair if you want something complicated, most women find the wedding hair they’re most comfortable with is just a more special and super-pretty version of what makes them feel like themselves; a style that will hold but still be touchable and that won’t have them worrying about how their hair looks all day. Which means you can do this yourself or with some help from your crew! Obviously you should do a test run of your style well before the wedding to see if it works, how long it takes to do, and to avoid any surprises.


OK, let’s take a look at four of the most popular, goof-proof hairstyles that are easy to pull off at home—plus, the magical Truhair products that will keep you looking gorgeous through endless hours of dancing. One extra tip: Make sure your hair is looking its healthiest by getting a trim and color well in advance of your day, and see if your stylist suggests a deep conditioner for extra shine.


  1. A pretty braids or twist crown

First you’ll want to decide if you want to have a center part or side part. Apply our Big Lift Stick at the roots and rub it in; that’ll give you allover volume. Curl your entire head of hair (we like using different-size barrels for a more natural look), alternating the direction of the curls for more texture. Then take two one-inch sections from each side of your face, braid or twist the hair and pull back, pinning them together in an X. You can do as many of those as you want. Add in little flowers or gems just at the back where it’s pinned or throughout. Now that you’ve got the style done, you’ll want to hold it all in place with our Big Lift Stick by running the stick on your fingertips and raking through the length of your hair. No kidding, your hair will hold for 25 hours! Check out a sneak peek of how easy it is to get this style here

  1. A messy updo

And by messy, you know what we mean: romantic, sexy, soft. This style is exactly that. But it definitely works best with longer hair. You’ll want to curl your hair first. Use our Raise the Roots 2.0 to get some volume around your crown and get the best “poufs” from your bun and braids. Then tease the crown area. To separate out a section of your hair to make into a low ponytail, place your index fingers on the very top of your head right above the front of your ears, run them straight down to the tops of your ears and circle back so your fingers meet at the back of your head, above the nape. Put in a ponytail. Braid the ponytail and tie the bottom with an elastic. Pull gently on the front and forward sides of the braid to fluff it out, then twist it around into a bun and use multiple bobby pins to keep it in place. Take those front sections you left out and create side braids, either regular ones or more detailed lace braids, and pull those back and wrap around over the bun you created. Now take those loose sections at the back of your head that aren’t part of the ponytail and curl them with your fingers up and around the bun, pinning to keep in place. You’ll end up with a romantic, full mix of bun, braids and curls. Get exact details on this style here.


  1. French Twist Up Do

The classic French twist is perfect for any special occasion and you don’t need to have long hair for this look. It’s a super-chic and polished style so it works really well if your entire wedding vibe is less boho and more tailored. And it’s super-easy to do. Start by clipping up the hair on the crown of your head. Take the part you’ve left down and pull it back into a ponytail and start twisting it as you pull it in an upward direction, twisting the length of the hair. It should now be tight against your head. Secure with U-shape hair pins. Then divide the hair on your crown into sections and tease them. Gently comb back the sections so your hair is all smooth and spritz with our Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray. Take the ends of that whole section and tuck them into your twist, keeping in place with pins. Since your hair is up and pulled back, exposing the hairline and roots, you might want to use our Color & Lift to go pen to fill in any thinner areas and to make sure all your color is perfect. Take a look at this tutorial for more tips.

  1. Vintage Hollywood curls

If you want a highly stylized, glam look that does not involve pulling hair away from your face or braids, try out these curls! We love what’re called Hollywood curls or vintage curls; they look more like waves than big bouncy curls and they work with shorter or longer hair. You want to have a side part so that one side of your hair is heavier than the other. Divide your hair into three horizontal sections so that we are sure every layer of hair falls in the same direction for this look. Curl the heaviest section of your hair toward your face with a curling iron with a barrel of at least one inch; you can go larger. Clip the curls to stay in place as you go along. Then curl the lighter section away from the face. This forward/back approach is what creates the vintage glam look. Use our Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray throughout every section while curling to ensure you have not only awesome hold but that your locks will be soft and touchable. Finally, unclip every curl and brush out gently and spray again. Watch this for more detail.


Good luck on your big day and remember the number-one piece of advice brides wish they remembered: Eat!