Forget Fried Hair: It’s time to try these no-heat styling methods

Sure, you know it’s a bad idea to scorch your hair. But did you know it’s also not cool to expose it to constant heat from styling tools like blowdryers, straighteners and curling irons? That’s because direct hits of heat can break down hydrogen bonds in the strands, causing major damage and making your hair prone to breakage.

So we spent some time figuring out ways to depend less on heat for styling in order to let you have healthier hair. Here, a few tips and tricks to incorporate into your weekly routine that will help dial back the fry factor.

Don’t forget about THIS setting on your blow dryer

The cool setting on your blow dryer might just be something you ignore right now, but let’s change that. You can save your hair from the heat with just a simple flick of a switch. Using the cool setting on your blow dryer might mean that it will take you a little bit longer to get out the door but trust us, your hair will thank you later.

Want waves? Do braids!

This is a life-changing hair hack if you haven’t heard of it yet. After shampooing, take your towel-dried damp hair and braid it tightly. The more braids = the more waves; it’s as simple as that! Like with most of these styling tips, this works best if you leave in for multiple hours or overnight. And if you want to go for a full-on fresh-off-the-beach vibe, dab some of our Volcanic Volume Volumizing Paste at the root to give your hair a little extra boost.

Ready to curl? Time to twirl!

Before bed, take one-inch sections of your hair and tightly curl/wrap the hair around your fingers and then secure with a pin. You can complete this with either dry hair, slightly damp hair, hair with some styling product or a combination of these options. Note that if you choose to use styling products, it can help the curls last a little longer than if you go with dry hair alone. In the a.m., release the hair from the pins and run your fingers or a loose comb through it to polish the look.

Or try this awesome new headband trick!

Place a thick headband over the top of your head and pull down so that the entire thing sits just above your eyes and midway around your head. Pull the hair on the top part of your head up and out from under the headband, leaving the bottom parts of your hair down. Spray on a light coating of Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray, then take one-inch sections and twist until tight. Once fully twisted, wrap the section around and around the headband, securing the ends by tucking into the headband. Do this all the way around the top of your head, then do the same with the hair that’s sticking out from below the headband. Let it set for a few hours or overnight. Once you’re finished wrapping your hair, feel free to push the headband back up onto your head if that’s more comfortable. Be careful to not disturb the twists! Unwrap to unveil beautiful curls. And because our hairspray is exactly what it says—brushable—you’ll be able to brush this look out into a soft style.

We’re kind of loving this no-heat thing! We want to hear what other ingenious ways you come up with to avoid the sizzle. Tell us at @TRUHAIRbeauty on Twitter!