Truhair + @hannahbohobeauty How to wear braids (and look like a grown up) year round

We’d been seeing the magic that Hannah Newman of Braid Babes has been creating at its braids and glitter bar at music fests for a few years. Ends up she’s a super-cool Tampa, FL-based stylist too. Because we love braids year-round, we asked Hannah to come up with a few styles that will work now that it’s fall and real life has made a comeback. Her three faves: 

Fall fishtails

Hair length: At the collar bone or longer

1. Start with a few tousled waves/curls for texture. I like to add my favorite texture spray or dry shampoo to give a little extra body.

2. Part the hair down the middle, separate sections. Taking one section, pull all the hair to the base of the neck letting the hair go over your ear. (If you're new to fishtail braids feel free to tie this large section with a hair elastic.) Then divide that large section into two small equal sections.

3. Take a small piece from the outside of the right section, about the size of half your pinky finger. (If you have thicker hair feel free to take a bigger piece). Pull this small piece across the top of the right section and tuck it into the middle of the left section.


4. Then repeat on the other side. Take a small piece from the left section, pull it across the top of the left section and tuck it into the right. 

5. Repeat step 3+4 until you get to the bottom of your hair. Every so often as you’re moving down the length of the braid, hold the two sections tight and pull them in opposite directions to help move the braid up and keep it tight. (Don't worry if it looks messy or loosens because the messier the better!)

6. Once you have both sides done and tied, carefully cut the top hair elastic if you used one. Carefully pull the top of the braid in opposite directions to loosen it up. Gently pull out any face framing sections you'd like. I like to also pull small pieces out in front of my ear.

7. While holding the bottom of the braid lightly pull on the outside of the braids to loosen it.

Add a wide-brimmed hat and go! 

Topsy-tail braid

Hair length: long

1. Start with loose waves or curls. I like to prep the hair with TRUHAIR Raise the Roots 2.0 followed by a blowout. Add dry shampoo or texture spray to the crown for extra body and texture.

2.Create a side part anywhere you'd like. Section off any face-framing pieces or bangs you want to keep down and clip out of the way.

3. Create a half-up/half-down section by starting at the temples and going straight around to the back of your head. Tie with a hair elastic.

4. Turn your ponytail into a topsy tail by parting the ponytail above the elastic to create a hole. Then flip your ponytail up and through the hole. This will make the hair on both sides of the elastic twist.

5. Hold the ponytail with one hand and gently pull on small sections of hair to make your twists look fuller. You can also pull on a few pieces at the crown for some volume.

6. Once you like the look of your first topsy tail, separate the hair that is still down into two sections, one left and one right. Join them together over your existing ponytail and secure with another clear elastic. 

7. Flip your ponytail up and pull it through the section you just joined together. Repeat step 5 to make your new twist full and to help cover any parts or hair ties. I like to also pull on a few side pieces so the hair swoops over your ears making it look effortless and chic.

8. Now add some extra texture spray to your ponytail and lightly tease to add fullness.

Tie the base of your pony with your favorite hair scarf for bonus style points!

 Half-up topknot with braids

Hair length: Any

1. Start with loose curls or straight hair. Add dry shampoo only as needed to the crown and sides of the head. Wait to add texture spray for fullness.

2. Create a high half-up/half-down section by starting about two inches above your temples and tracing straight around to the back of your head. Tie with a hair elastic.

3. Spray the ponytail with TRUHAIR Extra Volume Brushable Hairspray then tease. Twist the teased ponytail to smooth, then wrap it around itself until you have a bun and pin until you like the look.

4. Add texture spray to the sides that are down as needed for body. Take a few small random sections and add loose braids or fishtail braids and tie with an elastic. Don't forget to pull on your braids before you tie them off to give them more volume.

5. For this look I love to add the TRUHAIR Color & Lift To Go at the roots and hairline to make the hair look fuller.

Wrap a velvet ribbon around your bun for a low-key glam moment!