Dad’s Day Special!

Want to help your guy  With gray or thinning hair? Done.

You know you have all the feels about how fast, easy, wallet-stretching and totally genius our Color & Lift Root Color Powder is when it comes to helping you keep your gorgeous hair, well, gorgeous.


So why’re you keeping all that good news to yourself? Especially with Dad’s Day on the horizon, it’s worth pointing out you likely have a dude in your life who would very much appreciate a little help covering some unexpected sprouts of gray or pesky thinning spots. (After all, by 35 years old, about two-thirds of guys have some hair loss, and by 50, 85 percent are seeing those thinning or bald spots.)


That means it’s time to share the Color & Lift love! Here, three ways to convince him to give it a shot.


  1. He can spruce up a thinning hairline or spotty beard

Part of what makes Color & Lift powder so beneficial is that it’s formulated to not only create natural-looking color and texture but to attach to roots, which is what makes hair look fuller and thicker. That means even if he’s working with his natural color, he can use Color & Lift to fill in thinning hair. And yes, it comes in gray.


  1. He can extend the life of his not-so-natural color

Naturally, if he colors his hair, he can use Color & Lift powder to extend the life of his hair color by covering roots as they grow out, just as you do. It comes in eight different shades for these popular dyed-hair colors: light, medium and dark brown, black, blonde, auburn, red and gray.


  1. He can have micro-control to shade sideburns

That’s because there’s a “liner” version. Color & Lift To Go Precision Hair Liner has a precision sponge applicator for times when he wants to direct his color to a smaller area. And it’s travel sized, meaning it’ll fit easily into his man bag.


And he can do all and any of these tricks in about three minutes flat. Then get him to finish off his look by rubbing a small amount of our brand new Raise the Roots 2.0 Thickening Fiber Cream into his roots for a hint of volume, and he’s totally good to go. What’s not to love?