Big Lift: This Summer's 7-in-1 MVP

No, we are not making this up. Yes, this is a real thing. Our Big Lift Volume Stick truly is this Summer's MVP "Most Valuable Product". Here are it's top seven uses (in no particular order).
  1. Naturally Tease. BL saves your hair from the rough tangles a comb and hairspray leave. Use Big Lift in a back combing motion at the root for insane off the scalp volume, an easy add to your blowout routine. 
  2. Tame fly-aways and loose hairs around the face. The hair around our face doesn't exactly play by the same rules as the rest of our head most of the time. Use Big Lift to gently put them back where they belong :)
  3. Define your curls. After you've curled your hair use Big Lift on the ends to lock the curl. Clinically proven to keep a hold for 25 hours we call this a winner-winner!
  4. Create targeted volume. Your messy bun's best friend. Tease and sweep Big Lift on the entire crown of your head for an effortless messy bun. (Our favorite Summer do!)
  5. Smoothe / Anti-friz. The Summer means humidity and frizz. The Big Lift is our savior for controlling and smoothing down hair all over. 
  6. Creating a slicked back look. We already know men have mastered art of slicked back hair. In fact this pomade stick is great for your man too. But have you been lusting after the Kardashians slicked back look? The Big Lift is for sure your answer. 
  7. For Beards and Mustache. Men love our products too. Big Lift is essentially pomade in a stick. So it's great for your mustache as a wax or in the beard to tame all that manliness.
No doubt these are not ALL the ways you can use Big Lift but these are some of our favorites and since they're BOGO this month you can get on for you and one for your guy or Dad just in time for Father's Day. Two for you totally acceptable as well. Don't forget to load your cart with two and use the code BOGOBL.