Beautifully unexpected and trending this minute: Peekaboo Rainbow Hair

If you haven’t heard of hidden rainbow hair yet, prepare to have your mind blown! This style is a total “have your cake and eat it too” moment. It works by leaving the top layer of hair untouched and dyeing the hair underneath whatever colors you want! Which, of course, perfect for anyone who wants to embrace her colorful side without going full-blown unicorn-mermaid (and getting called into HR at work).

You can dip your toe into this look by applying a touch of color strictly to the roots or going with a shade that’s not far from your existing color, as here.

                                           Photo Courtesy of @Notanothersalon

Or you can jump in with two feet and dye the entire under layer of hair in a full palette range.

                                           Photo Courtesy of @Notanothersalon

Like any time you dye your hair, it’s always a good idea to chat with your hairstylist about what shades will work best with your current hair color in order to avoid any disasters (blue dye + blonde hair = unfortunate green).

When you do want to show off your cool new ’do, braid your top layer of locks…

                                              Photo Courtesy of @Thebudfactor

Try a topknot…

Photo Courtesy of @Funksterltdhmua

Photo Courtesy of @Katevanvleckhair

Or simply give your head a little shake or run your fingers through your hair to give a magical glimpse at all the hidden colors. Just watch it in action here!

Talk about the best of both worlds!