A Step-By-Step on how to use our Revive & Style Mousse

Our Revive & Style Instant & Temporary Hair Color Mousse is a great tool to revive colored hair that may have become oxidized since you left the salon, enhance your natural hair color, give you a temp color change, blend away gray hairs and act as a volume-and-shine styling agent. You read right—that’s all in one product. Here, just in case mousse is new to you or it’s been years since you used it, a quick primer to make sure you work it to your advantage.

Step 1: Prep

While Revive & Style can be applied to either dry or wet hair, applying on wet hair should make it easier to style. That being said, we suggest running your hair under water to get it completely soaked through, then towel drying until hair is just damp. This will help the mousse spread more evenly and easily.

Step 2: Apply

Spray a small golf ball-sized amount of foam into the palm of your hand (our bottle is specially designed to have a quick release top, which makes it easier for you to get exactly the amount of mousse that you want). Rub palms together to sort of liquefy the mousse and apply by starting at the root and running through the ends of your hair. By spreading evenly throughout you get the benefit of allover amazing shine; likewise, if you’re using the mousse to temporarily change up your color, you’ll want to make sure it’s evenly spread. Otherwise you want to especially hit the areas where you are experiencing gray hairs or your roots are starting to bug you. 

Step 3: Style

The mousse works great if you want to blow your hair out straight—just do your usual thing. If you want to go for a more natural look you can let it air dry and brush it out to avoid crunchy hair.  Once your hair’s completely dried and styled, you’ll see the effects of the awesomely “revived” shine and color. Now that’s one sweet mousse.