7 Smart Reasons Dry Shampoo Might Just Be Your New BFF

We’ve all been warned by our hair stylists and have read, on beauty blogs and in magazines, about the negative effects of shampooing too often. That’s because most wet shampoos work by trapping the oils in your hair, which means if used too often, they can totally dry out your hair, making it prone to breakage and loss of volume, with a side benefit of frizz. And they can mess with your gorgeous color!

We know what you’re thinking right now: Even though you washed your hair yesterday or the day before, you’re washing it again today because you went to the gym and got sweaty or you need a little boost at the roots. Don’t!

This is where the genius of dry shampoo comes in. Here are all the reasons we’re loving it right now:

  1. It revives and your hair without over-stripping the oils in it. This is essential for those who have a problem with traditional shampoos that cause your hair to dry out.
  2. It works similarly to a wet shampoo in that it traps the oils. So it gives the appearance and feel of clean hair.
  3. It adds volume at the roots where you apply it. This is another reason why people rave about this stuff. If you overshampoo, your hair can fall flat so this is a great alternative and solution to that problem.
  4. It comes in a variety of different hair shades. While it traditionally comes in a white powder, you can now find other hair shades available at the store. If you do find that you like a brand that only comes in white, you can often get it to blend into your hair color by working it into the roots with your fingers until it disappears. 
  5. It’s easy to apply. Most dry shampoos come in a spray can. Just be sure to hold the can around half a foot away from your head, which will help evenly distribute the product around your roots.
  6. It does its magic in 2 minutes. One to two minutes is all it needs to absorb the excess oil and make your hair look spiffy again.
  7. It saves you so much time when getting ready! Who doesn’t love that? Instead of a lengthy washing process in the shower, you can simply apply, style and be on your way.