5 Hair Ideas We’re Thankful to have seen this year

2017 has been a year of some really fun beauty trends, including jewelry-like headbands making a comeback and a splash at the Oscars, bangs being in style, and even UNDER-the-eyes glitter gorgeousness! We also love that 2017 proved to be a year that was accepting of a more diverse range of what defines beauty. Here are a few more ideas we’re totally thankful to have seen in the past 11 months.

  1. That wearing your hair as naturally curly as it wants to be no longer requires an apology

Hands down, one of the best trends of 2017. It means a lot fewer women are having to spend regular time and money on serious straightening sessions, and a lot more women are setting their alarms a little later because their hair prep for the day is not such a big deal. But really, that you can simply be yourself and love the hair that you were born with is everything.

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  1. That going gray is a total thing

Whether you were naturally heading into gray territory and had zero interest in dyeing your hair every six weeks or you loved the whole gray/lavender/pink/blue thing, it was all about embracing the gray!

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  1. That tousled, imperfect hair has gone dressy

As in Taraji Henson’s Oscars hair, which was so sexy, so gorgeous. Even kind-of-messy topknots seem right.

  1. That hair can now be changed up as often as your earrings

Mermaid hair! Blorange! Flower accessories! Braids! Blue tips! Gone are the days where you kept the same hairstyle for years on end because you couldn’t commit to something new. This year saw hair looks that were easy to do and undo, limited only by your own creativity. What’s not to love?

  1. That Locks of Love has been working its magic for 20 years

The non-profit group was created in 1997 to provide custom-made hairpieces to underprivileged children who are suffering from long-term hair loss for medical reasons. The hairpieces are made from hair that has been donated; check out the group’s website for info on how to get involved.