1. 90's bands. So much awesomeness is back out on tour. (C’mon, even if you were born in the 90s, you know you love some P-Furs Pretty in Pink.) Which bring us to...
  2. The awesomely spiky hair worn by ’80s and ’90s rock stars and how they got it to stay that way. There was a sticky gel called Stiff Stuff that you could never wash out. And there was mousse. Happily mousse is still around, and it’s gotten better. Take our Revive & Style Mousse—it’s not crunchy, it enhances your color, gives you gloss and shine and adds volume and body. Mousse wasn’t this good back when.
  3. Bathrobes as clothing OK, a few seasons ago we were talking more about things that looked like PJs—or actual PJs—being worn as clothing. This spring it’s been tweaked so that the coolest spring coats basically look and feel like a chic version of a comfy robe. We’re there.
  4. Girl Scouts. Yup, you probably hadn’t talked about the Scouts since you were one, or if you have a girl in your life who is one. But the group created some serious buzz recently with its new “I’m Prepared … to Lead Like a Girl Scout” PSAs.
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