4 Reasons We Love The Summer Lob

Today we’re talking the “lob,” a.k.a. the “long bob.” We like to consider the lob the descendant of the ’90’s craze “The Rachel,” named after Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, who had the now-iconic layered haircut. Everyone from Gwyneth and Beyoncé to Taylor and Nicole Richie have sported this versatile style on and off over the past couple of decades and it’s definitely hot again with celebs: Zoe Saldana, Hailey Baldwin, Victoria Beckham and Selena Gomez are all flaunting this look right now. Here, why we’re happy it’s here again.

  1. It’s easy to maintain

Having less hair also means having less hair to maintain. It’s no secret that it can take forever to wash and condition long hair and let’s be honest—nobody has time for that. Shorter locks won’t require as much product (that’s right, more money in your pockets and fewer $$s being spent on those expensive shampoos and conditioners. Ka-ching!). Oh and, your arms will thank you when you spend less time holding up that blowdryer and curling iron!

  1. It can take your hair from 2-D to 3-D

Looking to add some texture to your hair? The layers in a lob will get rid of your flat hair, adding volume with layers. Your stylist should recommend what kind of layers will work best with your hair thickness and type. Those with thicker hair will need fewer layers to get that full, textured look as too many layers in thicker hair could cause the hair to become too voluminous.

  1. It’s super-versatile

The lob is great if you want to cut your hair shorter but don’t want to be restricted, style-wise, by a short bob. As with a shorter bob, you can easily just give your hair a shake or a quick brushing and walk out the door with very minimal styling.  You could choose to sculpt it back or into a side-part look with styling product like our Volcanic Volume styling paste. However, you also can curl it into more beachy, romantic waves than if your hair is short. But what we really love about it?

  1. It’s still long enough to throw into a ponytail

One of the biggest drawbacks of the traditional bob is that you can’t pull it all back into a ponytail or wrap it into a bun. But the lob’s medium length allows it to work as a low, mid, or even a high ponytail—great for those of us who are more active and like to work out, for bad hair days and for date nights. Which is why the lob owns our best-summer-hair vote.