4 party hairstyles you can do, each in 3 minutes flat

’Tis the season to start hitting the holiday party circuit. Too bad that work thing gets in the way of any of us having endless time to plan and play around with our look 1,000 times before we head out the door. So, in honor of the reality that you and I are most likely going right from our desks or a meeting into celebration mode, here are my top “totally festive!” can’t-fail hairstyles.

  • The side braid. A little-bit messy, loose one will make you look relaxed and ready to have fun while maintaining your cool-girl style cred. Whip up one by parting your hair on a side and sweeping all of it over to one side. Then simply separate into three sections and begin to weave. I like a braid that’s low at the neckline for a sexy, laid-back look. Use a clear elastic to secure. Pull gently on each section of the braid for that bedhead moment.

  • The top knot. Why am I such a fan of this classic style? Sure, a top knot screams “professional” but it’s also chic and polished and can be styled in 3 minutes’ flat, that’s why! Comb all your hair into a high ponytail on the back top of your head, secure with elastic. Begin to twist hair while wrapping it around base of the ponytail, using a small clear claw clip to secure. Then pull gently on the hair to cover clip et voila! — good to go!

    • The totally slick thing. Nothing says “confident” more than slicked back hair. It shows off your beautiful face (and those fabulous chandelier earrings) and makes you seem in control of the party! Take pomade—not styling gel which can make hair look too sculpted—and hold in hands till it softens, then comb through dry hair, starting at front of hairline and working your way back and down to the tips. You can use a teasing comb to give an extra lift on the crown. Feel free to lock in that perfectly slick hairstyle with our Extreme Volume Brushable Hairspray.

    • The hair candy. Fastest ways to up the festive ante on your holiday hair and look when you have to run out the door in 60 seconds? A crystal headband takes your ponytail from sporty to sexy-showy. Glam hair clips hold long bangs away from your face and double as jewelry. Diamond-y hair combs placed in an updo instantly transform ordinary work hair into party holiday hair. (Be sure to go lower-key on your earrings if you go any of these routes to avoid over-blinging it.)