4 Genius Nail Palettes to Accent Your Hair Color

The best nail shades to wear with your hair color

Your gorgeous locks are part of your head-to-toe signature look, right? Well, we’ve kinda nailed(!) a new idea to bring your hair+style game to a whole new level: Pick your mani-pedi palette to either compliment or contrast with your hair color. C’mon—how cool is that?

 We enlisted Julianna (AKA Jules) Dahbura of Deco Miami Nail Lacquer, the awesome Miami-based brand of cruelty-free, vegan and wallet-friendly nail polish collections, to help us with this one. She’s as obsessed with making the perfect nail polishes as we are with making the perfect hair products. Her colors are totally off the charts and the packaging is so pretty they’ll earn a place on your sink, not buried underneath it. (And of course we love supporting another Florida-based, woman-owned business!)  We gave Jules the hair colors to work with and she picked the nail shades. We loved that she came up with on-trend pairings, more classic duos and monochromatic matches for each color and unexpected plays on the paler nails/darker toes idea. Find your match here…

 Palette 1:

The hair color: Blonde or blonde/pastel

Your Truhair Color & Lift Root Cover Powder: Blonde

The nail colors, clockwise from top left: Bubble Tea (purple-tone periwinkle). Champagne Mami (rose gold). Coco (white). Cake (neon pink). Don’t Call Me Baby Girl (baby pink).

Jules says: “With a pastel palette, there's no wrong way to pair colors since the shades are all soft and compliment one another. I’m loving rose gold as a fun pop! on toes.”

The pairings:

Bubble Tea on fingers + Champagne Mami on toes

Coco on fingers + neon Cake on toes

Don’t Call Me Baby Girl on fingers + toes


Palette 2:

The hair color: Black or almost-black brown (that’s Jules!)

Your Truhair Cover & Lift Root Cover Powder: Black


 The nail colors, clockwise from top left: Namaste By The Pool (royal blue). Male Tears (cloud blue). Café Con Leche (taupe). Tequila Sunrise (canary yellow).

Jules says: “Really dark hair pairs well with so many color palettes, but blues, yellows, and taupes are going to be hot this summer. If you've ever been curious about yellow nail polish, now is your chance to rock it!”

The pairings:

Tequila Sunrise on fingers + Male Tears on toes

Café Con Leche on fingers + Namaste By The Pool on toes

Male Tears on fingers and toes


Palette 3:

The hair color: Warm hair, dark skin

Your Truhair Color & Lift Root Cover Powder: Warm Brown


The nail colors, clockwise from top left: Miley Whats Good (bright fuchsia). Namaste By The Pool (royal blue). #Slay (bright purple). Feeling Fuego (orange coral). Boy Bye (metallic lavender)


Jules says: “When your skin and hair are a warm shades, bold colors that either compliment or contrast your hues are the way to go!”

 The pairings:

Boy Bye on fingers + Feeling Fuego on toes

Namaste By The Pool on fingers + Miley Whats Good on toes

#Slay on fingers and toes


Palette 4:

The hair color: Red

Your Truhair Color & Lift Root Cover Powder: Auburn


The nail colors, clockwise from top: Rosé All Day (peach pink). Black Like My Soul (dark charcoal). Petite Palm (mint). Señorita (blue-tone red).

Jules says: “Red hair looks fantastic with any red hue, but also with super- contrasting colors.”

 The pairings:

Petite Palm on fingers + Señorita on toes

Black Like My Soul on fingers + Señorita on toes

Rosé All Day on fingers and toes