Perfect Pairings: Hair and Makeup Matching

Your makeup and hairstyle is a paradigm case of the chicken or the egg: your choice of makeup cannot come before your hairstyle and your choice of hairstyle cannot come before your makeup. The sooner you begin to couple these two essentials, the sooner you will start crafting the perfect looks. We have put together two looks that are perfect for hair of any length, texture, and color.

Messy Hair, Clean Makeup

One of my favorite looks is tussled hair with clean, simple makeup. Tussle mid-length hair, tussle a pixie, tussle long hair, nearly anyone can rock this look. Although the hair and makeup may look effortless, there’s a fine line between looking like you just rolled out of bed and looking like you are ready to walk the runway.


The Hair: Gotta use the root blaster, ladies. The worst thing you can do for this look is allow your hair to be flat. As you apply the spray or cream, whip your hair up and down, shake it back and forth, give it some life!

The Makeup: the face makeup is everything! Apply face lotion, concealer, and powder (and bronzer if you are feeling sassy). Now, as for the blush, pick a light rose or light pink, don’t go too dark! Go with a light, matte mocha or shimmery pink for the eyes. If you are an eyeliner girl, go for a light brown with brown mascara. The messy hair and simple makeup allow your facial features and confidence to light up the room.

Tight Ponytail (or Pixie), Intense Eyes

This is a classic red carpet-look. A tight ponytail with smoky eyes is perfect for a late-night date or night on the town. Can’t do a tight pony? Go for the clean pixie. The look is great for girls with eyes that pop and strong facial features (jawline, cheek bones, etc).


The Hair: Straighten your hair, apply shine serum, pull your hair to a mid-high ponytail. Not too high, not too low! Make sure your ponytail is secure, use two hair ties if necessary. Take a small piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the tie two or three times. Bobby pin it back into the ponytail. Make sure there are no loose hairs, your hair should be tight and sexy. If you have a pixie, straighten, smooth, and secure your hair to a clean pixie.

The Makeup: Apply your normal face makeup, nothing too fancy yet. As for the eyes, we are going for the smoky. Pick your palette of blue, brown, or gray/black. Apply the lightest shade to the corner of your eyes, next shade to your lid, and darkest to the outer crease of your eyes. Apply intense eyeliner and mascara. We suggest watching helpful videos and tutorials to master the smoky eye. Dress it up or down with a dark or natural lip and you are ready to turn heads!