Going Short

We all get it… long locks are sexy, romantic, and intriguing. However, the girl who can master the short haircut will be the one to turn heads. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles that will ensure you are the only Cinderella at the ball.

The Clean Chop (“Lob”)

It’s clean, it’s classic, it’s chic. The clean chop, or “lob” (long bob), is a little longer than the bob but shorter than the shoulder. What’s so great about the clean chop? Well, it’s long enough to play with and short enough to flirt with. Wear it curly, wear it straight, anyway is perfect. Keep this look clean by using some static reducer to reduce unwanted frizz. This cut is great for those who aren’t ready for a bob or pixie but are eager for a fun change. So go ahead ladies, chop it off!

The Messy Bob


This may be the flirtiest short hairstyle of them all. The messy bob is extremely spunky and incredibly easy. Add some layers, tussle in texturizing crème, and you got yourself a hairstyle that will last you all day and throughout the night. The messy bob gives the impression you are carefree and up for some excitement. Finally, a hairstyle that embraces riding with the windows down.

The Perfect Pixie


The perfect pixie is bold, daring, and straight to the point. Defy societal standards by proving that women can be sexy without hair twirling. This cut allows ladies to demand respect in the office and light up rooms out of the office. The perfect pixie is great for girls with strong facial features and bold makeup tendencies.

The Not-so-perfect Pixie


Is the perfect pixie a little too clean for you but the length is just right? The not-so-perfect pixie may be the cut for you. The tussled pixie-look is fun and fitting for girls who don’t have much time to spend on their hair or just don’t want to spend much time! You can dress it up or down depending on your outfit, accessories, and, most of all, makeup. Try using some of Chelsea's thickening cream to keep your locks perfectly tussled. 

Be bold this season by trying something new. Stop hiding behind your locks and try one of these beautiful, short hairstyles! We promise you won’t regret it.

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