Great Styles for the New Year

The sparkle, the lights, the celebration. Now that we are in the new year, it is the perfect opportunity to wear the sequins and sparkles that we all love. We all have seen the traditional full-sequined mini-dress but there are plenty of other options to make 2015 sparkle.

Shiny Belt

Adding a shiny belt to a dress can make your outfit seem much more festive. This accessory can go on top of blouses, skirts, and dresses. Not only does it add excitement, but the belt also accentuates that beautiful figure of yours.

Jewel Necklace


A chunky, jewel necklace is perfect for a dress or blouse that is a little high cut. Make sure you pair this accessory with a simple dress or blouse and not a loud one. No clashing allowed! Use the necklace as a pop of color or perfectly-matching addition.

Sequined Pumps

My favorite accessory is a pair of pumps. Pumps make you look slimmer, fancier, and more confident than ever. A pair of sequined pumps? Even better! Pair these with that sexy black dress in the back of your closet and you will surely compete with any sequined dress. Wear with tights or go bare-legged, either is sexy!

Sparkling Makeup



Go ahead and have fun with your makeup in this new year! Add some shimmery blush, sparkly eye shadow, or shiny lips. Fun makeup can make any outfit fitting for this crazy night.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you have that perfect sequined dress, rock it! These suggestions are just tips for those of you who may want to be a little less traditional going into 2015. However, remember that the most important accessory you can wear is your confidence. Look beautiful and know it!

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