This Season's Best Hair Colors

Although we all may be used to those rich, dark hair colors for the fall and winter, more and more winter beauties are learning to love the new light colors popping up across Hollywood. You can now fashion hair colors of all shades while maintaining that chic winter glow. Here are some popular winter colors for all skin tones.

Rose Gold



Michael Kors has proven to possess major fashion super powers but who would have guessed that his popular rose gold jewelry would inspire one of the most popular hair colors of the season?! This color is great for a blonde who wants to add a little pop this winter without jumping on the brunette train. This trendy twist on strawberry blonde is fun enough for ice skating around the park and sexy enough for sipping cocktails at a holiday party.  

Cinnamon Spice
Can’t get enough of PSL’s this season? Now’s the time to spice-up your hair style with a pop of red! By adding a cinnamon hair dye to your brunette hair, you can stand out against the white snow and green Christmas tree. A red pop is perfect for any eye color and striking for any situation. If you don’t want to go all red, don’t! Red highlights can be a great addition for blondes and brunettes. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone! Make a statement this holiday season and go red.



The best kinds of chocolate don’t just come in your holiday mug this season. Nothing is more versatile or sexier than a deep mocha hair color. Want to go a little lighter? Add some caramel highlights. Want to go a little darker? Add some dark chestnut lowlights. This color shows off your confidence and spunk. It’s perfect for all skin tones pale to tan. However, blondes beware! If you are dying your hair from a box, look for “brown” colors and avoid “black” colors. Perfectly dark is good, too dark is bad. Be a winter goddess this season by showing off a little bit of your dark side.


Have fun this winter by adding some color to your hair. Whether going for a spin on blonde or twist on red, you can find the perfect shade to lighten or deepen your lovely locks. Get creative with lowlights and highlights! And don't forget! Between salon visits, use Chelsea's Temporary Root Color Powder to hide those roots!


-- Jillian


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