Shiny and Straight: Winter Hair

How to Maintain Straight, Shiny Hair this Winter

The winter may mean fluffy scarves, marshmallow jackets, and boots of all color, but the season also presents damaging winter conditions wrapped in a bow as well. We have all struggled to maintain straight, shiny hair in the face of harsh winter winds. Follow these tips to properly maintain that healthy summer glow.



Use low heat

Although we may be eager to crank up the heat to our blow dryers this winter, blow drying your hair on the lowest temperature will allow your hair to avoid becoming brittle and breaking. Even better: towel dry your hair and allow it to dry naturally. The less heat applied to your hair, the healthier your hair will be.


Learn to Love Shine Serums 

After allowing your hair to dry completely (and we mean completely), straighten your hair in sections and apply a shine serum. The shine serum will protect your silky hair against the cold. Although you should not use a serum daily, applying a serum to your hair will create the natural glow we all love and control the frizziness we all hate. (We have a great serum over here at Truhair, check it out!) 


Don’t Overwash

Hot showers are best for the winter but not for the hair. Your hair will look shinier and stay straighter the healthier it is. We cannot stress it enough: don’t shampoo your hair every time your shower. Dry-shampoos are your friend as well as your winter warrior.
Don’t Overbrush

Between the wind and scarves, my hair is a battle zone of tangles. However, the less you can brush your hair the better. Tugging at your hair only breaks and damages your hair further. Avoid scarves and jackets that tangle your hair and use a wide-tooth comb when fighting those rat nests.


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