Bye Bye Beauty Myths

For this week's blog, we are straying away from our typical hair tips and diving into the more general beauty territory. It's time to confront and dispel some age old beauty myths that have stuck around for decades. 

I'm a big skincare addict, so most of these myths will be skincare related. But hey, the more you know, right? Let's jump in! 

1. Pores open and close

This is a very widely believed myth. Pores do not open and close with steam, hot water, or cold water. The size of your pores are based solely on genetics. Now, cleaner pores look smaller, so it is possible to reduce visibility. A good chemical exfoliant  and cleansing routine can help with appearance! 

2. Apricot scrubs are good for you

You've seen them in stores for years-- St. Ive's apricot scrubs. While it may make you feel like you're scrubbing off all that dirt and dead skin, you're actually doing more harm than good! The walnut/apricot shell pieces in the scrub cause micro-tears in your skin. You might not see them, but it's true. The skin on your face is just too delicate to take that kind of rough exfoliation! So skip the scrub and choose a gentle chemical exfoliant instead. 

(Side tip-- Ditch any cleansers with plastic microbeads. The microbeads don't dissolve and washed into the water system where they bioaccumulate up the food chain. Be green!) 


3. Shaving will make hair grow back thicker/darker

This myth has been commonly debunked, but I think it's worth mentioning! Shaving hair does not cause thicker hair to grow back in its place. Shaved hair feels coarse and thicker when it starts to grow back, but the blunt hair becomes thinner as it grows. 

4. Lemon and Baking Soda are good home skincare/haircare remedies 

This myth really irks me and other skincare addicts! It all boils down to the pH scale (Yeah, that thing from high school chemistry!). Your skin's natural pH hovers around 4.5-5. Baking soda is too alkaline, holding a pH of 9, while lemon juice is too acidic with the pH of 2. Anything too alkaline or acidic will disrupt your skin's natural barrier and can cause major damage. If something burns when you put it on your skin, it's normally not a good sign! 

This study (and multiple others) backs me up. 

5. Oils are evil and should never be avoided at all costs 

Certain oils can actually be very beneficial to the skin. People tend to think adding oil to your face will make your skin more oily, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Dehydrated skin overcompensates by overproducing oil, meaning that properly hydrated skin can reduce the production of natural oils. 

So read up on the benefits of oil cleansing and go find yourself a good noncomedogenic oil to add to your routine! 

6. The chemicals in sunscreen is worse for you than UV rays

This is a very harmful myth! Chemicals in sunscreen are NOT more harmful than UV rays. The American Academy of Dermatology reenforces the fact that scientific evidence supports the benefits of sunscreen. It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen. It's actually recommended to wear it everyday. Sunscreen helps reduce the formation of wrinkles, so if you want to look young forever, wear sunscreen!

7. Plucking a gray hair will cause more to grow in its place 

The specific follicle you pulled from will reproduce another gray hair eventually, but it won't cause more to grow. You'll have the same amount of gray if you pluck or if you don't. The production of gray hair as you get older can be caused by a number of things, but plucking in not one of them! 


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-- Jillian