Quick and Easy Traveling Tips

It's summer, which means you may be traveling for a child's summer camp, a weekend at the beach or to an exotic destination (we wish)! Our very own, Chelsea Scott is currently traveling to Italy for a special appearance on QVC Italia on August 1st. So in the meantime, weather traveling near or far, here are some tips and tricks for keeping your style looking good! 

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Start off the trip with clean, moisturized hair... That means wash your hair thoroughly. It's very important to deeply condition the ends of your hair. Condition twice if necessary. This is very important since your hair will be missing out on hydration in the coming days. Do your normal routine to style your hair afterwards. 

Come day two you want to revive your style... Freshen up your roots with some New-Do Dry Shampoo. New-Do is a gift from the heavens. This powder formula and brush applicator allow you to focus on the areas around your part and the hairline. Target those areas because they produce the most natural oils, that make your hair look oily and dirty. If your hair is looking a bit flat, blast it with some Root Blaster for some extra lift. 

If you make it to day three without a full shower...you might think its hopeless, but a bun will save the day. Throw up your hair into your favorite style of bun. I personally like the messy bun. Freshen up the roots with some more dry shampoo to keep from looking greasy.

Tip: Dry shampoo not only helps remove dirt and oil but also adds texture so your bun will stay up all day.  

Extra tip-- If you have greasy front or side bangs, wash them in the sink! Pull out your bangs and use a just a drop of shampoo. Blast it with a hair dryer and you're looking good as new! I do this ALL the time. 

By day four its shower time! Rinse and repeat these tips throughout your travels. 

Hope these little tips help you during these fun vacation months!

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