How To: Sport the Perfect Summer Side Braid

Boho braids are always trendy and flirty. Spruce up your hair this summer by introducing a not-so-conventional side braid to your look! We’ve made you this step-by-step guide to help you add a little funk to your summer style. This is the perfect casual look for any summer festivities on your agenda.


Step 1. Separate a medium sized section of hair from along the front of your hairline. Make sure your selection is from the top layer close to your part.

Step 2. Divide your chosen section of hair into three equal parts.

Step 3. Begin your braid by layering each piece over one another for a couple inches.

Step 4. After you braid the top layer for a couple inches, start introducing strands from along your hairline. Introduce a new strand every inch or so.

Step 5. Your braid should look like this after introducing new strands. Stop braiding once you reach your ear.

Step 6. Pull back a section of hair from your top layer before securing the braid to your head using bobby pins. Make sure the braid lies flat against your head.

Step 7. Cover the bobby pins with the top section of hair you separated in the last step.

Don’t forget to use Extreme Volume Holding Spray to help lock the braid in place and prevent the braid from falling or moving!

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Jillian Bass